Greetings from Ms. Shaw


Michael Stars are shining brightly and hard at work!  We are  still working hard to meet our goal of 97% daily attendance!  At the moment our daily average is 96%. The purpose of this goal is to promote daily attendance so students get the most from instruction.  While assignments can be “made up,” instruction and discussion within the classroom cannot.  Thank you for getting your children to school on time and communicating with teachers regarding your child’s absence from school.  
Congratulations to the following classes for their AMAZING attendance.  
Remember, everyday counts!!.
1. Mrs. Skinner—4th Grade—98.55%
2. Mrs Pereyra—3rd Grade 98.41%
3. Mrs. Maldonado—3rd Grade—98.32%
4. Mrs. Mondragon—2nd Grade—98.09%
5. Mr. Gibson—5th Grade—98.07%
6. Mrs. Garcia—5th Grade—97.79%
7. Mrs Sauer—4th Grade—97.76%
8. Ms. Gohn—4th Grade—97.79%
9. Mrs. Ramon—3rd Grade—97.72%
10.Mrs Hodgkiss— 1st Grade—97.71%