3rd Grade

Third Grade
 3rd-5th Grade Students
Student Log in: s#  @nisd.net
password: date of birth (2 digit + 2 digit + 4digit)
Think Central
Student Log in : S#nisd
password: 4 x 4 (first 4 of last name and last 4 of SS#)
Think Through Math
Student log in: S#
Password: First and last inition in capital letters and your student ID number
Authors and online books-Colonies North Elem.
Buying Items-easy, hard, advanced
Social Studies
What is an urban Community?
Classify Communities
My wonderful world
What is a rural Community?
Henry Ford - Wikipedia
President Lincoln - from the Smithsonian
Howard E. Butts - HEB founder
S. Truett Cathy - Chick-fil-A founder
National Archives - Original Emancipation Proclamation
Madam C. J. Walker - official website
Women Inventors - Enchanted Learning
Invent Now - search hall of fame or click on invention channels
American Inventors - Wikipedia


The 13 Colonies - clickable map
StarChild - A wonderful astronomy learning center for ages 4-14
Views of the Solar System is full of excellent information and pictures
Colonial Era Webquest - includes timeline
FossWeb - levers and pulleys
Simple Machines - online exhibit
Mouse Skills