Periodical Orders

  • Periodicals are purchased on a bid in late spring for the next school year to avoid gaps in renewal time.
  • The renewal list from the jobber and detailed ordering instructions will be provided by Library Services in March.
  • Part of the periodical budget may be used for newspapers or magazines not available through the jobber. Since the jobber offers a very good discount, be wise about spending on subscriptions outside the bid.
  • Teachers and administrators on the campus may also order periodicals using the district bid. Please make the contact information available to them. It is best to contact the jobber directly so that the account is correctly set up and pricing is accurately determined.
  • Publishers send renewal notices directly to the schools many months before the subscription expires. Please ignore these notices unless they are for direct orders.
  • The jobber will guarantee the percentage discount of the bid. However, periodical prices are not guaranteed since they are subject to change at any time.
  • Librarians should subscribe to at least one reviewing tool and have at least two subscriptions for the professional collection for teachers.
  • For newspaper delivery information see Admin. Reg. LIB-01 (Delivery of Newspaper Subscriptions).
  • The current bid requires that payment be made within 30 days of the invoice. Please contact EBSCO at 1-877-701-1203 for problems with delivery.