Collection Development

Balancing Collections

According to Follett Library Resources, the following is a recommended breakdown of percentages for a balanced collection. This should be viewed as one example only, and the individual library should take its unique situation and patrons into account when developing the collection.

For example, Health Careers High School might have a much higher 500 - 600 section than recommended here.

Follett Library Resources
Balanced Dewey Breakdown
Dewey Range K-6 Middle School High School
000 1% 1% 2%
100 .5% 1% 2.5%
200 1% 1% 2.5%
300 10.5% 12% 14%
400 1% .5% 3%
500 12% 12% 9%
600 6% 8% 9%
700 5% 6% 8%
800 5% 4.5% 9%
900 10% 14% 11%


Northside libraries should contain modern, up-to-date, attractive materials. Weeding should be a conscious, ongoing process. CREW: A Weeding Manual for Modern Libraries, revised and updated by Jeanette Larson, Texas State Library and Archives Commission, is the recommended guide.

Occasionally, Library Services will return an item unprocessed for which cataloging has been requested if it appears to be out of date, have no historical value, or in poor physical condition.

A weeding bibliography can be set up to run on a section of your collection, e.g. 500's, which will show copyright date and number of circulations. For further information, contact Lib-Help.

Withdrawn Materials

Fill out a Request for Pick-up of Withdrawn Library Material form, pony it to Library Services and the textbook drivers will pick up your boxes of books. Keep boxes to manageable size.

Old AV material (filmstrips, outdated materials) may be thrown away, or if preferable, the Request for Pick-up of Withdrawn Library Material form may be used. CD-ROMs should be broken in half and discarded.

Asset Transfer Process
Sample of Asset Transfer Form

Collection Analysis Reports

Some vendors provide collection analysis reports once MARC records are exported to them. Library Services exports the NISD library database 3 times a year, in February, June, and October. Prior to each export, campus library withdrawn accounts are deleted. Librarians may want to print or make note of any items in this account prior to deletion. Vendor collection analysis is generally available within three weeks after the export.

A collection anaylsis report from a vendor could provide:

  • Overview of collection to include average age, number of items per student, number of holdings
  • Summary by 100s
  • Detail by 10s
  • Balanced Dewey comparisons
  • Age sensitivity for critical areas
  • List of aged titles