Cataloging Specifications

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Northside ISD Library Services follows the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, second edition revised, for processing materials. The sections below are the local specifications used by Library Services.

Call Numbers

When a call number exceeds the decimal point, Library Services will extend to the first prime after the decimal. Librarians who want longer or shorter call numbers should lengthen or shorten by primes.

Call Numbers/Prefixes

B Biography F Fiction
BR Braille GAME Board Games
C Cassette LD Laser Disk
CD Computer Disk PARENT Parent (when requested)
CDROM CDROM PB Paperback (when requested)
CPD CD Music, Recorded Books on Disc PROF. TR Teacher resource/professional materials (when requested)
DAB Digital Audio Book R Reference
DVD Digital Video REALIA 3-D models, story props
E Easy Fiction (picture books or per Library of Congress SC Story Collection (short stories, novellas)
    VC Video

Foreign language materials will have Dewey classification numbers assigned by subject. For example, 398.2 will be used for Fairy Tales, not 468. Snowy day (El dia de nieve) by Ezra Jack Keats would be E KEA, not 468 KEA. The following list of language prefixes will be used by all campuses.

Language Prefixes

Arabic AR Kurdish KU
Bengali BN Latin LA
Chinese CH Navajo NV
Croatian (Serbo-Croation) SE Polish PL
Farsi FA Portuguese PO
Finnish FI Russian RU
French FR Somali SO
German GE Spanish SP
Gujarati GU Swahili SW
Hebrew HE Tagalog TL
Hindi HI Tamil TA
Hmong HM Thai TH
Italian IT Turkish TU
Japanese JA Urdu UR
Korean KO Vietnamese VN


Barcode and Spine Label Placement

When Library Services processes materials, the following procedures are followed:

  • The bottom of the spine label is 1.5 inches above the bottom of the spine.
  • The barcode is vertical, reading up, near the bottom.
  • If requested through Lib-Help, we will make the spine label and not attach it.
  • If unattached spine labels are requested, it will apply every time. This request cannot be made for a specific order only.


Paperback Books

Paperback book records may be attached to hardback book records if everything else is the same (publishing family, number of pages, and copyright date).


Big Books/Board Books

Big Books and Board Books have their own records. Big book and Board book will be added as a local heading.


System Holding Codes/Item Type/Location

The only item type/location entries Library Services creates are:



Local Subject Headings

National Awards go in the 586 field. Local subject heading (690) will be added for Texas Awards, such as Bluebonnet, Lone Star, Tayshas.

AV items may have multiple subjects from the following list, if requested by a librarian:

AV Local Subject Headings

Agriculture AV 11/00 Geology AV 01/01 Professional AV 11/00
Anatomy AV 01/01 German AV 11/00 Psychology AV 11/00
Art AV 11/00 Government AV 11/00 Reading AV 11/00
Astronomy AV 01/01 Health AV 11/00 Russian AV 01/01
Biology AV 01/01 Home Economics AV 11/00 Science AV 11/00
Business AV 11/00 Humanities AV 11/00 Social Studies AV 11/00
Chemistry AV 01/01 Industrial Arts AV 11/00 Sociology AV 11/00
Counseling AV 11/00 Language Arts AV 11/00 Spanish AV 11/00
Dance AV 11/00 Latin AV 11/00 Special Education AV 11/00
Drafting AV 01/01 Life Science AV 01/01 Speech AV 11/00
Earth Science AV 01/01 Life Skills AV 01/01

Sports AV

Economics AV 01/01 Marine Science AV 01/01 Study Skills AV 01/01
Engineering AV 11/00 Mathematics AV 11/00 Technology AV 11/00
English AV 11/00 Movies AV 11/00 Television AV 11/00
Environmental Science AV 01/01 Music AV 11/00 Texas History AV 11/00
French AV 11/00 Photography AV 01/01 Theatre AV 11/00
Genealogy AV 01/01 Physical Education AV 11/00 U.S. History AV 01/01
General AV 11/00 Physical Science AV 01/01 Vocational AV 11/00
Geography AV 11/00 Physics AV 01/01 World History AV 01/01



Items occurring in a series shall be cataloged by individual title when a unique or specific title or subtitle exists, resulting in a unique record.


A&E Biography has several videos:

Henry Ford: Tin Lizzy Tycoon
Amelia Earhart: Queen of the Air

245 Henry Ford|h[vidoerecording} : |bTin Lizzy tycoon.
440 A&E biography
740 Tin Lizzy tycoon


The Grolier Library of Science Biographies has 10 volumes

245 The Grolier library of science biographies


SIRS Enduring Issues, 2000. Environment -- is one of several Enduring Issues topics

245 Environment
246 SIRS enduring issues. 2000:|benvironment
440 SIRS enduring issues


Vertical Files

Vertical file material is material that will not stand alone on the shelf. It will not be cataloged.