Participating Schools

Contact us for enrollment and additional information at the numbers listed below. Schools with Campus Codes listed have online registration.

Program Types

Tuition Based

TEA's 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant Cycle 6

TEA's 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant Cycle 7

City of San Antonio After School Challenge Funds

*Will become Tuition Based in 2014-15

School Phone Campus Code
(for online registration)
Adams Hill ES* 397-1413 Call to enroll dot_green.png

Allen ES 397-0800 Call to enroll

Aue ES* (2014-2015 school year)    

Beard ES 397-6622 bear1314 dot_blue.png

Behlau ES 398-1475 behl1314 dot_blue.png

Blattman ES 397-8108 blat1314 dot_blue.png

Boone ES 397-1450 boon1314

Brauchle ES 397-1500 brau1314

Braun Station ES* (2014-2015 school year)    

Burke ES* (2014-2015 school year)    

Cable ES 397-2881 Call to enroll dot_org.png

Carlos Coon ES 397-6661 caco1314 dot_blue.png

Carnahan ES 397-5868 carn1314 dot_blue.png

Carson ES* (2014-2015 school year)    

Cody ES* 397-1666 Call to enroll dot_green.png

Colonies North ES 397-8108 cono1314 dot_blue.png

Driggers ES 397-6661 drig1314 dot_blue.png

Elrod ES 397-8108 elro1314 dot_blue.png

Ellison ES* (2014-2015 school year)    

Esparza ES 397-1881 Call to enroll dot_green.png

Evers ES* (2014-2015 school year)    

Fernandez ES* (2014-2015 school year)    

Fisher ES* 397-4482 Call to enroll dot_green.png

Folks MS* (2014-2015 school year)    

Forester ES 397-0231 fore1314 dot_blue.png

Franklin ES 398-1700 fran1314

Galm ES 397-1170 galm1314 dot_blue.png

Glass ES* (2014-2015 school year)    

Glenn ES 397-2288 Call to enroll dot_org.png

Glenoaks ES* (2014-2015 school year)    

Hatchett ES* 397-6877 Call to enroll dot_green.png

Helotes ES 397-6622 helo1314 dot_blue.png

Henderson ES 397-8370 hend1314 dot_blue.png

Hoffman ES 397-8370 hoff1314 dot_blue.png

Howsman ES 397-2350 hows1314

Jones MS 397-2141 Call to enroll

Knowlton ES* 397-2645 Call to enroll dot_green.png

Kuentz ES 397-6622 kuen1314 dot_blue.png

Krueger ES 397-3850 krue1314

Langley ES 398-1475 lang1314 dot_blue.png

Leon Springs ES 397-8108 lesp1314 dot_blue.png

Leon Valley ES 397-4650 leva1314

Lewis ES 397-2681 lewi1314 dot_blue.png

Lieck ES 397-1475 liec1314 dot_blue.png

Linton ES 397-0762 Call to enroll dot_org.png

Locke Hill ES 397-1600 lohi1314

Los Reyes ES 397-8108 lore1314 dot_blue.png

Martin ES 398-1416 Call to enroll dot_org.png

Mary Hull ES 397-0994 Call to enroll dot_org.png

McAndrew ES 398-1750 mcan1314

McDermott ES* (2014-2015 school year)    

Mead ES* 397-1777 Call to enroll dot_green.png

Meadow Village ES 397-0692 Call to enroll dot_org.png

Michael ES* 397-3920 Call to enroll dot_green.png

Mireles ES 397-8370 mire1314 dot_blue.png

Monroe May ES 397-8108 moma1314

Murnin ES* (2014-2015 school year)    

Myers ES 397-6661 myer1314 dot_blue.png

Neff MS 397-4146 Call to enroll

Nichols ES 397-8108 nich1314 dot_blue.png

Northwest Crossing ES* (2014-2015 school year)    

Oak Hills Terrace ES 397-8108 oahi1314 dot_blue.png

Ott ES 397-8108 ott1314 dot_blue.png

Passmore ES 397-0541 Call to enroll dot_org.png

Pease MS 397-2968 Call to enroll dot_green.png

Powell ES 397-0462 Call to enroll dot_pur.png

Raba ES 397-1350 raba1314

Rawlinson MS* (2014-2015 school year)    

Rayburn MS 397-2220 Call to enroll dot_pur.png

Rhodes ES* (2014-2015 school year)    

Ross MS 397-6414 Call to enroll dot_pur.png

Rudder MS* (2014-2015 school year)    

Scarborough ES 397-8027 scar1314 dot_blue.png

Scobee ES 397-3157 scob1314 dot_blue.png

Steubing ES 397-8108 steu1314 dot_blue.png

Thornton ES 397-5868 thor1314 dot_blue.png

Timberwilde ES 397-0400 timb1314

Valley Hi ES 397-0395 Call to enroll dot_pur.png

Villareal ES 397-5830 Call to enroll dot_org.png

Wanke ES 397-6700 wank1314

Ward ES 397-6800 ward1314

Westwood Terrace 397-0339 Call to enroll

Zachry MS 397-7457 Call to enroll dot_green.png