Langley Students Vote for Bernal Middle School Colors & Mascot!

Let's Vote Langley 5th Graders! On Monday, February 24, Langley 5th graders attending Bernal Middle School will get a chance to visit with Bernal's new principal, Mrs. Glenda Munson. After her presentation, the students will go into the computer lab and cast their vote for the school's mascot and school colors! This is a very exciting time for these Langley 5th graders! Check out the Mascot and school color choices!



Roadrunners: The reason for this selection is Dr. Bernal was instrumental in creating the University of Texas at San Antonio.   

Palominos: The reason for this selection is Dr. Bernal suggested this mascot.       

Black Knights: The reason for this selection is this is the name of the team at the U. S. Military Academy and Dr. Bernal served in the Army.   
Bruins: The reason for this selection is Bernal will feed in to Brennan High School (Bears).


Black and Royal Blue                 Royal Blue and Orange

Black and Gold                           Kelly Green and White


Eligible students, CLICK HERE to vote! You'll only get one vote and you must vote from a NISD computer!  (link will be live on Feb 24th)