Attention Parents

Dress Code: Students are not allowed to wear shorts at Jefferson Middle School, please refer to page A6 in the Jefferson student handbook. 

Materials: Students will only need a blue or black pen and a spiral/notebook paper. Students should not bring backpacks on the first day of school. Lockers will be issued on Tuesday, August 25, 2015.

NO shots, NO school: Please make sure all immunizations are up to date and documentation has been provided to the school nurse.


Our Mission


To provide each student with a comprehensive educational experience that promotes academic excellence, fosters creativity, infuses technology, nurtures human relationships and inspires a life-long passion for learning.

A Message From the Principal

It is an honor to welcome each student to Wallace B. Jefferson. We are excited to start each school year looking forward to 'Soaring to Success" with each student. We are very proud of the programs we offer students, and we encourage all students to make the most of their time at Jefferson Middle School.

Students will have many opportunities to feel successful, and will be encouraged to set goals and work diligently to achieve them. As a campus, we will provide a safe and caring environment that fosters learning in all areas.

We encourage each student to actively participate in at least one of our many activities, clubs, and sports. We strive for excellence in all areas of the school, and our goal is to make a connection with each student and to create an overall academic foundation that will prepare each and every student for a future filled with success!

Kevin Kearns, Principal