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Science TAKS Success Initiative


TAKS Study Cycle
Science TAKS Success Initiative

This program was created to ensure a student’s success on the science portion of the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills exam. This program is geared to the specific needs of each individual student.

We utilize a number of resources, including previously released TAKS exam questions, to “diagnose” a student’s weaknesses and strengths. We have also narrowed down the number of research resources a student can use, to focus on those that we have found most effective. Our program uses various vocabulary lists, notes, and activities, as well as other time management and planning materials so as to allow the student to become self-aware and self-sufficient. This differentiated instruction addresses the students’ individual learning styles.

As a result of our program and through our guidance, the students’ studies become TAKS-specific, TEKS-specific, self-paced, self-assessable, and self-motivational.

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