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Lab Activities
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Personal Calendar
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Holt Study Guide Handouts & Wksheets
Holt Wrkbk - Top 5 Student Wksht
TAKS-TEKS Talley Released Test
TEKS 2 Answers TEKS 2 Questions
TEKS 4 Answers TEKS 4 Questions
TEKS 6 Answers TEKS 6 Questions
TEKS 7 Answers TEKS 7 Questions
TEKS 8 Questions
Top 5 TEKS & Sub TEKS





Lab Activities
Website Scav Hunt Lab




Personal Calendar
Personal Calendar Plan

Environmental Systems Personal Calendar
Environmental Systems Personal Calendar Dec-Mar 08-09
Environmental Systems Personal Calendar Summer 2009

TAKS Objective Journal




How to do TAKS
by Patricia Ehsani, Hebron HS, Carrolton, TX
From Room D113 - Tables and Graphs

From Spring HS, Spring ISD - Obj 1.ppt

From Spring HS, Spring ISD - Obj 2.ppt
From Spring HS, Spring ISD - Obj 3.ppt
From Spring HS, Spring ISD - Obj 4.ppt
From Spring HS, Spring ISD - Obj 5.ppt





Items of Interest
TAKS Obj. Topics - Concepts

Blitz Material

Gameshow PPTS -Templates

Bio Jeopardy.PPT
Chem Jeopardy.PPT
Gameshow PPT Worksheet
TAKS Spr04 Jeopardy.PPT

TAKS - TEKS Warm-Up Transparencies

Objective 1,1A.pdf
Objective 1,2A.pdf
Objective 1,2B.pdf
Objective 1,2C.pdf
Objective 1,2D.pdf
Objective 1,3A.pdf
Objective 1,3B.pdf
Objective 2,10A.pdf
Objective 2,10B.pdf
Objective 2,4B.pdf
Objective 2,6A.pdf
Objective 2,6B.pdf
Objective 2,6C.pdf
Objective 2,6D.pdf
Objective 2,8C.pdf
Objective 3,12B.pdf
Objective 3,12E.pdf
Objective 3,13A.pdf
Objective 3,4C.pdf
Objective 3,4D.pdf

Objective 3,7A.pdf
Objective 3,7B.pdf
Objective 3,9D.pdf
Objective 4,7A.pdf
Objective 4,7D.pdf
Objective 4,7E.pdf
Objective 4,8A.pdf
Objective 4,8C.pdf
Objective 4,9A.pdf
Objective 4,9B.pdf
Objective 4,9D.pdf
Objective 5,4A.pdf
Objective 5,4B.pdf
Objective 5,4D.pdf
Objective 5,5A.pdf
Objective 5,5B.pdf
Objective 5,6A.pdf
Objective 5,6B.pdf
Objective 5,6D.pdf
Objective 5,6F.pdf

Misc. Documents

Alt Student Action Document
TAKS Class Parent Letter
TAKS Open House Welcome Letter
TAKS Personal Inventory
TAKS Progress Report 1
TAKS Progress Report 2
Tests Title - Condensed
Tests Title page - Full
Top Ten Bullets & Terms
TAKS Final Review





TAKS Vocabulary
TAKS Vocabulary.PPT
TAKS-TEKS Obj #1-5
Vocab Focus #1-2
Vocab Focus #3
Vocab Focus #4
Vocab Focus #5