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High S.E.A. Adventures with Mr. Buchholtz

Mr. Buchholtz
Science & Engineering Academy
San Antonio, TX

Follow the JOIDES Resolution's Expedition #321 on its current mission as it explores the mysteries of the ocean floor. During the voyage, John Jay / SEA students were fortunate to have the opportunity to video conference with some of the scientist, crew and staff aboard the Joides Resolution.

Join Mr. Buchholtz for 15 days of adventure aboard the drilling and research vessel, the "JOIDES Resolution" during the Ocean Leadership's sponsored "School of Rock".


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High S.E.A. INTRO (video)

Casting Off (video)
Tour the Bridge w/ Captain Alex (video)

Tour the Geophysics Lab with Lisa Crowder (video)
Meet Kristen St. John, Ph.D. - Sedimentologist
Preparing smear slides from core samples with Dr. St. John

Meet Mark Leckie, Ph.D. - Micropaleontologist / Paleoceanographer
Processing core samples & observing micro fossils with Dr. Leckie

ODP Greatest Hits
Watching Plates Move With CORK Observations
Meet Adam Klaus, Ph. D. - Geophysicist
CORK 101 edited (video).ship to shore video conference with Dr. Klaus

 Behind the Scene Tour w/ Mr. Buchholtz (video)
Special Message to Jay HS from Mr. Buchholtz
 Meet Paula Weiss - Marine Curatorial Specialist
Core Lab tour w/ Paula Weiss (video)
Meet Chieh Peng - Assistant Lab Officer
Processing Core Samples in the Chemistry Lab w/ Chieh Peng (video)

Tour the Radio Room w/ Larry Jarillas (video)

Meet Klayton Curtis - Paleomagnetic Technician
Tour the Cryogenic Magnetometer Lab w/ Klayton Curtis (video)

Bubba Attryde - Tool Pusher / Coring Technician (video)

John Firth - Curator IODP - Texas A&M University (video)


Take a Virtual Tour of the JOIDES Resolution

Visit the IODP Education site.

Visit the JOIDES Resolution's homepage.

Expedition Blog - Nov. 05

Expedition 312's Logo

Alamo Regional
Science Fair

The Road To...
McDonald Observatory

McDonald Observatory Walking Tour

Otto Struve 21 meter Telescope

Harlan J. Smith 27 meter Telescope

Hobby Eberly 10x11 meter Telescope

Cleaning the Hobby Eberly Telescope

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