Veteran's Day Ceremony Nov 10 @ Briscoe

Celebrate with our Community on November 10th. For the second year we will be honoring our community veterans during a combined ceremony with Briscoe Middle School. The event will begin at 8:45am on the Briscoe football field. After the event, guest speakers will be visiting classrooms and sharing their various experiences in the Armed Forces. If you will be attending the ceremony, please join us at Briscoe. Our staff will utilize the back of the school for parking that day which will leave ample room for visitors in the side lot.

Red Ribbon Week - Oct 27-31

National Red Ribbon Week honors the 26th anniversary of the ultimate sacrifice made by U.S. Drug Enforcement Special Agent Enrique "Kiki" Camarena. In 1988, Congress officially proclaimed the last week of October as Red Ribbon Week in honor of this brave American's life. He made a difference by helping to fight illegal drugs. Today, over 100,000 schools and other organizations across the United States use this time to spread the important message about living a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle...[read more]


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