SHAC Membership Roster

School Health Advisory Council is an advisory group of individuals who represent segments of the community. The group acts collectively to provide advice and to make recommendations to the school system on various aspects of school health.


Member Roster




Linda Seewald NISD / Director, Health & Physical Education District Facilitator
Angeline Dy Parent Member 
Rita Avendano Parent Member - Chair
Christina Carmona Parent Member - Chair Elect
Jaime Casas Parent Member 
Wendy Greenaway Parent Member 
Mary Roberts Parent Member
Rob Phelps Parent Member - Past Chair
Kathy Shields, CHES Parent Member - Parliamentarian
Christopher Olivares Parent Member
Lisa Delgado, LMSW NISD / Coordinator, School Age Parenting Member
Anthony Jarrett NISD / Executive Director of High School Instruction Advisor
Marcy Warren Retired NISD / Director of Special Education Member 
Lydia Martinez NISD / Director, Adult & Community Ed. Member
Carol Pett NISD / Organizational & Staff Development Member
Shirley Schreiber NISD / Director, Health Services Member
Jeff Stivors NISD / Instructional Support Teacher, Health & PE Advisor
Jeannie Von Stultz, PhD Bexar County / Director, Mental Health Service Juvenile Probation Member - Secretary
Thomas Wherry NISD / Director, Child Nutrition Services Member
Kimberly Ridgley, PhD NISD / Director, Guidence & Counseling Member
Danielle Housley NISD / Instructional Support Teacher, Health & PE Advisor
Pam Kniffin NISD / Training Dietitian, Child Nutrition Advisor
Jennifer Krueger, RN NISD / Supervisor, Health Services Advisor
Ruth Perez NISD / Instructional Support Teacher, Career & Technology Advisor
Sylvia Wade NISD / Retired Principal Advisor
Angela McCluskey NISD / Elementary Physical Education Teacher Advisor
Paul Tucker NISD / Instructional Specialist, Health & PE Member
Daniel O. Walker Navy (retired) / Healthcare Administrator Advisor 
Jay Young NISD / Athletic Trainer Advisor
Samantha Fewell-Nunez American Heart Association Advisor
Rebekah Gonzales Student / Warren High School Student Advisor
Alicia Rocha Student / Warren High School Student Advisor