GT Testing Schedule: 2014-2015


Initial New-to-NISD with prior G/T status, grades 1-12 Sept. 4-19

Transfer students with prior G/T status, grades K-12, ongoing as needed

Middle School, grades 6-8 - October 9-22

Intermediate, grades 3-5 - November 3-19

High School, grades 9-12 - December 3-16

Kindergarten - January 7-21

Primary, grades 1-2 - February 2-27

Referrals are due to the campus G/T Specialist at least 3 weeks before the testing window starts. Exception: student new to the District with prior G/T status should notify the G/T Specialist upon enrollment.

Estimated time for test score turnaround from the end of the test session window is about 7-8 weeks. Then, the Campus Selection Committee meets to make program placement decisions. 

GT Testing Calendar PDF (Click to open.)