Grants & Recognitions : Recognitions

The NISD Grants & Recognitions Department supports the recognitions process that includes numerous opportunities to recognize exemplary teachers. Throughout the year, the department manages programs such as Educator of the Year, First Year Educator of the Year and Ed Rawlinson Innovator of the Year. For information on these recognitions and additional recognition opportunities, visit our Grants & Recognitions Intranet Site.

EOY and FYEOY Winners for 2014 - 2015

Trinity Prize Nominee Cody ES Lisa Rollins
EOY ES Kuentz ES Teresita B. Villa
EOY MS Stinson MS Jessica Williams
EOY HS Construction Careers HS Krista Ackles
FYEOY ES Ellison ES Staci Emmert
FYEOY MS Connally MS James Lowder
FYEOY HS Construction Careers HS Amando Orta