Galm Elementary Celebrates Red Ribbon Week

by Janina Cleveland and Courtney Kindred

This week we are celebrating our annual Red Ribbon Week together with Character Counts Week. This year marks the 26th annual celebration of Red Ribbon Week, which was inspired by the life and work of Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) special agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena. He yearned to make a difference by joining this force in order to help fight illegal drugs coming into this country. This week we will also celebrate “Character Counts Week.” A person of great character is someone who is trustworthy, responsible, respectful, fair, caring and a good citizen. Students at Galm Elementary have great character and will always make good choices when faced with situations that could negatively affect their daily lives.

 “Good Choices + Good Character = Bright Future”


  • “I’m Voting for my Future, I Make Good Choices”- Wear Red, White and Blue today!
  • Caring – Caring people think with their hearts, think about others feelings, show kindness and always shares a friendly smile. So wear a lot of red, white and blue today and greet others with a smile. Also wear your red ribbons today and the rest of week!


  • “Be a H.E.R.O. Everyday” – Wear Camo today!
  • Responsibility and Citizenship - Responsible people always do what they say they will do, have self-control and self-discipline. They contribute to their community and obey rules and laws. (Help anyone who is bullied. Encourage peers to do the right thing. Gain respect by showing great character. Treat others the way you want to be treated.)


  • “One T.E.A.M.” –Wear Your Favorite Sports Team Shirt
  • Fairness – Life has rules. Play FAIR on your team. It’s a rule. Wear your favorite team sport shirt to show that you will team up with others, keep your head in the game and make choices that lead to success. (Together Everyone Achieves More)


  • “My Future’s So Bright, I Have to Wear Shades”
  • Trustworthiness – People who are trustworthy are honest and loyal, they are steadfast and true. You can rely on them to keep their promises too as they make healthy choices. So, let your trustworthiness shine!


  • “One School, One Goal…GOOD CHARACTER” - School Spirit Day
  • Respect – Respectful people are polite, courteous and treat others the way they would like to be treated. Show RESPECT for yourself and others and encourage classmates to make good goals and have School Spirit. Wear a Galm T-shirt of your choice.