Appreciate a Dragon Week

Five years ago, Forester Elementary School started a tradition as a new campus; Appreciate a Dragon Day. The day was initally set on Mrs. Nora Forester's birthday as a way for all of the students and staff at Forester to celebrate their beloved namesake. Each year Mrs. Forester has been a part of the celebration that revolves around her. This year the Forester Dragons decided to make the event a week long event centered around "Be a Buddy, NOT a Bully!" Students were involved in activities each day of the week that were centered around anti-bullying. The week was kicked off with Kinder through Fifth grade teachers having class meetings about the topic of bullying. After the discussions, students took a pledge to "Be a Buddy, NOT a Bully." All of students wrote their pledges on pink strips of paper and all 899 were linked together and put up as decorations for the Friday presentation.  On Tuesday the Dragons showed their stance on anti-bullying with every student and staff member wearing pink, the color designated to anti-bullying awareness. In addition to the "Pink Out," the students and faculty viewed a pilot for a new TV series called Book: The Spaces Between. The main character was played by a former NISD student, Alex Poncio. One thing the students took away from the video was to use humor when dealing with bullies. On Wednesday, all classes "Mixed it Up" during their lunch time. Students were encouraged to have lunch next to someone that they would not normally talk to. The students enjoyed visiting and getting to know each other during that time. On Thursday the students were all given Smarties to show that they are "Smarties" by taking a stand against bullying. Friday was the biggest event of all; the entire Forester faculty and staff celebrated the 5th anniversary of the school by taking an aerial picture of a giant "5" chalked out on the blacktop. Mrs. Nora Forester was in the center of the picture, happy as can be. Following the group picture was a Forester Frenzy. Students were entertained by faculty members singing, "Who Ya Gonna Be? A Bully Buster!" It was quite a sight for our special guests that day, Mrs. Nora Forester and Mr. Lynn Britton, NISD Board Member. The Forester Dragons will continue to maintain a bully free campus by all rememebering to "Be a Buddy, NOT a Bully!"