Football Calendars



The following link will allow you to access all of the necessary forms needed to participate in Folks athletics:

Every student that is placed in the athletic period will need this paper work completed before the school year begins, even if the student is not participating in a Fall sport. This is a requirement because of the strenuous workouts that will be expected during the athletic period.
Check List:
__ Physical Form
__ Concussion Acknowledgement Form
__ Asthma Action Form (if clinically diagnosed) *
__ Insurance 
* If an athlete has asthma, their coach will need to be provided with an extra inhaler. The coach will have the inhaler accessible during practice and competitions. 

The coaches will pick up the forms from your current school before school is out (Garcia/Briscoe/Jefferson). If the student attended a different middle school, please ask for a copy of their physical to bring with you. Students going into 7th grade, need to complete all forms. Students going into 8th grade and have a physical from last year, only need to fill out the checklist and sign the student/parent information parts of the physical form (the actual physical is good for 2 years).

*Students getting your physical this summer, please make sure your coach has it before the school year starts.
*ALL athletes must have insurance. Supplemental insurance can be found on the same link as the other forms.  

Information about camps/open workouts will be posted at a later date. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us.
Boys' Head Coach:
Girls' Head Coach: