Staff Directory


Staff Directory


Link to Webpage Title Phone Email
Tom Knapp Principal 397-4450 tom.knapp@
Sandra Estrada Vice Principal 397-4450 sandra.estrada@
Elizabeth Soriano Secretary 397-4450 elizabeth.soriano@
Edith Acosta Attendance 397-4458 edith.acosta@
Laura Liesman Nurse 397-4459 laura.liesman@
Angelica Cardenas Clerk 397-4450 angelica.cardenas@
Irene Sanchez Clerk 397-4450 irene.sanchez@
Juanita Tucker Counselor 397-4476 juanita.tucker@
Teresa Castro Counselor 397-4475 teresa.castro@
Ruth Gamez Cafeteria Manager 397-4485 ruth.gamez@
Teachers   Voicemail: 397-4450 + ext.
Mayra Diaz Pre-K ext. 3150 mayra.diaz@
Mayra Montalvo Pre-K ext. 3100
Amanda Sweeny Kindergarten ext. 3109 amanda.sweeny@
Alejandra Esparza Kindergarten ext.3112 alejandra.esparza@
Rebeca Hernandez Kindergarten ext. 3107 rebeca.hernandez@
Jennifer Lawrence Kindergarten ext. 3115 jennifer.lawrence@
Esther Moe Kindergarten ext. 3105
Mariela Torrent Kindergarten ext. 3103 mariela.torrent@
Bethany Shrum Kindergarten ext. 3160
Elda Escobedo First ext. 3104
Cristina Benavides First ext. 3110 cristina.benavides@
Jennifer Martinez First ext. 3111 jennifer-a.martinez@
Cassandra Neumann First ext. 3102 cassandra.neumann@
Rebecca Rodriguez First ext. 3106 rebecca.rodriguez@
Lauren Claughton First ext. 3108
Ana Grunalt First ext. 3101
Cheryl Workman Second ext. 3140 cheryl.workman@
Cynthia Coss Second ext. 3139 cynthia.coss@
Diane Ortiz Second ext. 3135 diane.ortiz@
Manuel Rosales Second ext. 3138 manuel.rosales@
Teresa Abrego Second ext. 3172
Jean Bienhoff Second ext. 3134
Gilda Casias Second ext. 3137
Leah Clark Third ext. 3155 leah.clark@
Paty Gonzalez Third ext. 3156 paty.gonzalez@
Lynett Inglett Third ext. 3154 lynett.inglett@
Maria Anzaldua Third ext. 3176
Taffanie Erwin Third ext. 3179
Kristen Bradley Fourth ext. 3180 kristen.bradley@
Brenda Esquivel Fourth ext. 3185 brenda.esquivel@
Julissa Mares Fourth ext. 3183 julissa.mares@
Peter Shields Fourth ext. 3181 peter.shields@
Melissa Weinstrom Fourth ext. 3182 melissa.weinstrom@
Julie Bofenkamp Fifth ext. 3170 julie.bofenkamp@
Cesar Martinez Fifth ext. 3171 cesar.martinez@
Robin Martinez Fifth ext. 3167 robin.marinez@
Gloria Ramos Fifth ext. 3169 gloria.ramos@
Edwina Perez Fifth ext. 3168
Andrea Damon Collab 397-4472 andrea.damon@
Thomas Arce BMC 397-4479 thomas.arce@
Christi Esquivel Collab ext. 3185 christi.esquivel@
Velma Tapia Collab 397-4472
Claudia Porraz PPCD 397-4480 claudia.porraz@
Jill Gibson PSD 397-4468 jill.gibson@
Sabre Menchaca Speech 397-4468 sabre.menchaca@
Jennifer Bishop Speech 397-4467
Sarah Glavan-Rodriguez Bilingual Speech 397-4473
Cynthia Benning-Spencer Art ext. 3184 cynthia.benning-spencer@
Chris Engstrom Music ext. 3168 chris.engstrom@
Jose Mireles PE ext. 3117 jose.mireles@
Liza Garcia PE ext. 3118 liza-m.garcia@
Kristen Houser ECT ext. 3152 erika.white@
Mary French CIT 397-4471 mary.french@
Jessica Favata GT ext. 3153 jessica.favata@
Mary Totin Librarian 397-4474 mary.totin@
Michelle Fine Math ext. 3136 michelle.fine@
Brandy Wells Reading ext. 3163 brandy.wells@
Janelle Moreno Reading ext. 3164 janelle.moreno@
Leslie Childs AST ext. 3165
Diana Gutierrez LST 397-4464
Erlinda Valderas LST 397-4464


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