NISD Fine Arts Summer Camps

With summer rapidly closing, NISD heralds the huge success for student participation in camp experiences.  Visual arts and music theatre camps were held at 12 elementary campuses with 115 art and music/theatre instructors providing the lessons.   Over 700 students participated.   Fine Arts camps traditionally extend for a two week period with campus celebrations occurring on the last class day of each week.

Ross Middle School was the sight for the middle school art and dance camp.  Students participating in this camp rotated between in art and dance disciplines.  4 district instructors provided services for this initiative.    A culminating concert showcased the students’ efforts.

Camp coordinators the elementary and middle school art, music, and dance camps included John Davis, Becky Vitola, Jeremy Nemec, and Deborah Horvath. 


The NISD “Rising Stars” Secondary Theatre Camp was held at Jay HS with a showcase performance of “Alice in Wonderland.”  This camp allowed 85 students to experience “hands on” construction of all items needed for the production.  The production brings students together from several NISD campuses and is a great opportunity for students with no theatre background to enjoy and learn about stage production.  The camp concluded with a huge audience in attendance for “Alice in Wonderland.” (Disney Junior)

The producer for the showcase was Nora Moreno-Jarrell.  Assisting her were Michael Burger (Taft HS Theatre), Nathan Barrientes (Brandeis HS Theatre), Kaci Rhine (Stevens HS Theatre), Anna Trawick (Warren HS Choir), Cody Eoff (Warren HS Theatre),  Joseph Lopez (Clark HS Theatre), and Michael Arrellano (OConnor HS Theatre).

District Fine Arts Supervisors responsible for development of this great summer initiative include Charlsey Chumley, Art Supervisor, and Elizabeth Sanchez-Lopez, Dance/Theatre Supervisor.

Congratulations to all students and instructors for a fabulous summer of great learning opportunities.