O'Connor Jazz Ensemble Makes History

Saturday, February 8, 2014, the O'Connor Jazz Ensembles participated in the Hill Country Jazz Festival at Texas State University.  OCHS jazz students received 17  “outstanding jazz musician awards.”  This number of awards is the most presented in over 20 years of the festival existence.  In addition, both the OCHS Jazz Band I and Jazz Band II received the prestigious “Outstanding Performance Award.”  The award presented to the OCHS Jazz Band II is the first such honor in festival history for a second jazz band entered from the same high school.

Outstanding Jazz Musician Awards went to: 

Matthew Griffin, Sax

Eduardo Ramos, Bass Trombone

Eric Medina, Trapset

Ruben Martinez, Guitar

Kevin Dardeman,Ttrapset

Tim Peterson, Bass

Carlos Rueda, Trombone

Kyle Mathies, Trombone

Eduardo Ramos, Guitar

Matthew Steffin, Piano

Michael Sevilla, Piano

Brendan Frederick, Sax

Tyler Bryand, Sax

Andrew Vara, Piano

Dimitri Lozano, Sax

Claire Amaya, Trumpet

 Michael Torres, Trumpet


OCHS band directors include Roland Sandoval, George Garza, and Wesley Perkins.