NISD Artists Shine at River Parade Art Contest

Once again NISD artists are in championship form in the selection of outstanding art work submitted to each City Council District.  Winners from each city council district will now compete for the prestigious Texas Cavalier River Parade Art Contest Grand Championship Award.  Northside ISD is the defending champion of the prestigious Grand Championship Award.

Art winners from each city council district will receive a $1,000 art supply award for their school art program and a one week summer sc holarship to the Southwest School of Art.  King Antonio will visit each campus with an art winner selected.

The Grand Championship Award winner will have their art featured on the printed River Parade Program.  Judging will take place Tuesday, March 4 at the Southwest School of Art.  Congrats to all of our art champions and their incredible instructors.   Best of luck in the final selection process.


District Art Winners:


District 4 Winner                                                                              District 8 Winner

Krystian Camacho, Gr. 3                                                              Cassandra Canavati, Gr. 5

Allen Elementary School                                                              Locke Hill Elementary Schoo

Art Teacher:  Paul Niendorff                                                       Art Teacher:  Carolyn Berry


District 4 Runner-Up                                                                       District 8 Runner-Up

Grecia Limon, Gr. 4                                                                          Taylor Voss, Gr. 5

Allen Elementary School                                                                Locke Hill Elementary

Art Teacher:  Paul Niendorff                                                           Art Teacher:  Carolyn Berry


           District 7 Runner-Up

          Mia Silva, Gr. 5

             Colby Glass Elementary School

             Art Teacher:  Kristin Rosario


Non-City Council District Winner                                                     Non-City Council District Runner- Up

Shelby Crowley, Gr. 4                                                                           Chloe Boerner, Gr. 5

Kuentz Elementary School                                                                      Kuentz Hill Elementary

     Art Teacher:  Sarah Sharp                                                                 Art Teacher:  Sarah Sharp