University Interscholastic League Concert and Sightreading Assessment

The spring semester is that time of the school year when middle school and high school bands, choirs, and orchestras prepare for University Interscholastic League Concert and Sightreading Contest.  This event was designed over 75 years ago to assist campus music instructors in receiving positive assessment regarding the day-to-day teaching of music fundamentals. 

Teachers are reminded to provide students written schedules for all rehearsals and pre-UIL critique sessions in order to ensure a more accurate assessment.  Students and parents are reminded that rehearsals and performances are extensions of the classroom instruction process.   A live audience cannot be duplicated and it is essential that students working in an ensemble setting develop successful coping skills as related to nerves, public performance, and the assessment process. 

The live stage experience is an opportunity for students to develop skills that will serve them well for their entire lives.

Campus instructors will post their complete UIL schedule of rehearsals and performances on the campus website.  UIL performance schedules can be viewed on our website under “Fine Arts Events.”

We trust you enjoy the great efforts and exciting performances of our students and instructors.