“Dance is the art form; the body is the instrument. Learn to play the instrument so you can master the art form.”

- Debbie Dee


Dance programs at Northside are designed for ALL students—those with no prior dance experience and those with previous training. The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) serve as the backbone for all curriculum development in the Fine Arts.

Dance Course offerings:

High School Dance Level I- IV



Each course level is a series of instructional units and is an integral building block for more advanced work. Students acquire knowledge, skills, and techniques through daily coursework and application of discipline, commitment, and problem-solving skills. Students will focus on specific genres, such as ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and cultural dance to gain in-depth knowledge and proficiency. Dance requires consistent, structured practice to refine technique. It is a rigorous art form that fosters the exploration and appreciation of diverse dance traditions and develops skills of observation, analysis, expression, and reflection. Students work to understand and evaluate dance performances, pursue dance as an avocation, or study dance at the college and/or professional levels.





Teachers and Students in Action!



D.E.A.L. Results

The Stevens High School Jazz Company attended the 24 Seven Dance Convention on November 8 at the Hyatt Resort in San Antonio.  The nine young ladies that make up the Jazz Company had the opportunity to take classes in Lyrical, Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Hip-Hop by renowned choreographers from across the U.S. The Jazz Company members learned combinations while advancing their technique in all genres.