“Dance is the art form; the body is the instrument. Learn to play the instrument so you can master the art form.”

- Debbie Dee


Dance programs at Northside are designed for ALL students—those with no prior dance experience and those with previous training. The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) serve as the backbone for all curriculum development in the Fine Arts.

Dance Course offerings:

High School Principles of Dance I -IV

Each course level is a series of instructional units and is an integral building block for more advanced work. Students acquire knowledge, skills, and techniques through daily coursework and application of discipline, commitment, and problem-solving skills. Students will focus on specific genres, such as ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and cultural dance to gain in-depth knowledge and proficiency. Dance requires consistent, structured practice to refine technique. It is a rigorous art form that fosters the exploration and appreciation of diverse dance traditions and develops skills of observation, analysis, expression, and reflection. Students work to understand and evaluate dance performances, pursue dance as an avocation, or study dance at the college and/or professional levels.

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D.E.A.L. Results

Texas Dance Educator's Association is dedicated to promoting quality dance education across the state of Texas.  As part of that dedication, TDEA sponsors the Dance Educators Assessment of Learning.  The purpose of DEAL is to identify exemplary dance practices aligned with the state TEKS to promote student achievement and success in the Art of Dance Education.  The information gained through participation in DEAL will help educators design best practices to implement within their dance programs to enhance student learning and progress in the art of dance.



     Student Organization

The following Dance Organization is recognized as being an integral part of Fine Arts Dance instructional programs:



Teacher/Student Spotlight

Teacher's Corner

Where Are They Now?

Adriana Cortez (Brandeis HS, Class of 2011) 
                                                    2011                                                  Now                             
Currently I am a biology major at UTSA in my last year of college. I will be graduating Spring 2016 with a teaching certification in high school life sciences as well. 
The previous 4 years I was a member of the UTSA Pom squad, my last 2 of which I was a captain. On the Pom Squad I had the privilege of cheering on my runners at home football, basketball and volleyball games. I also had to opportunity to compete at nationals in Daytona, FL as well as cheering on our Men's and Woman's basketball teams in Las Vegas during conference tournaments. 
Over the summer in addition to working for MA Dance, I was a first year member of the WNBA Star Squad were we performed at all Silver Stars' home games. Currently I am still employed with Spurs Sports & Entertainment looking forward to my rookie season as a Rampage Ice Girl! 
I would not be were I am today in my dance career without the love of dance I found back in high school. Dance is much more than a hobby, it is an expression of the soul. 
Brianna Arrendondo (Stevens HS) 
                                   Then                                            Now
 My name is Brianna Arredondo and I am currently a Silver Dancer for the San Antonio Spurs. This is my third season on the team, and I was given the opportunity this year to help lead a talented group of girls as one of the Captains. I graduated from William J. Brennan High School in 2012 where I first discovered my passion for dance. I currently attend The University of Texas at San Antonio where I am studying to get a degree in Communications with a minor in Business Administration. Before becoming a Silver Dancer, I danced for the AHL Rampage Ice Girls, WNBA Stars Star Squad, and also performed at Sea World San Antonio. Being a Spurs Silver Dancer I have gotten the chance to travel, meet and connect with all of the wonderful fans, from season ticket holders to the amazing dancers that join our Jr. Silver Dancer clinics, and of course the best part…cheering on our Spurs at every home game!