Eligibility & Application Process

A student candidate for the Northside Excel Academy must participate in an application process to determine the appropriateness of enrollment, and proper placement. The following are guidelines for student enrollment.

All of the following criteria must exist:

  • A high school student who resides in the Northside Independent School District.
  • A student who has earned at least 17 credits towards graduation (exceptions may be made on an individual basis).
  • A student at least 17 years of age.
  • A student that has passed all exit level exams.

The application process for acceptance into Northside Excel Academy includes the following:

  1. A referral and screening process that includes an interview and orientation to Northside Excel Academy.
  2. Participation in a mandatory orientation class to develop successful learning habits and a meaningful educational plan.
  3. Northside Excel Academy staff must attend an ARD to determine appropriate placement of students with special needs.
  4. Acknowledgement to abide by the standard NISD code of student conduct, and any unique expectations from campus administration.
  5. Acknowledgement to attend school at least four consecutive hours, five days a week.
  6. Acknowledgement that Northside Excel Academy is a school of choice within the Northside Independent School District , and noncompliance to the unique policies of the school may result in dismissal from Northside Excel Academy and guidance towards other educational options.

Note: A completed application doesn't guarantee enrollment at Northside Excel Academy.

Download an Application