Think Through Math Homework 3rd-5th

Starting the week of January 28th students in 3rd through 5th grade will be required to perform 30 minutes of homework on the Think Through Math (TTM) Website 3 times a week.  TTM is a web-based program available for all 3rd – 5th grade students that addresses the higher order problem solving skills essential to your child’s success on the STAAR test.  This website has online tutors available to help your child learn anything they may be having difficulty with.  Every 3rd – 5th Grader has been trained on how to access and use this program, all we ask is that you monitor and sign off that in fact they have completed a minimum of 30 minutes (usually equivalent to one full lesson).  Students will be competing with each other, other classes, as well as other schools with this program while at the same time earning points they can use for prizes or designing their personalized avatar.  Utilizing this highly motivational program consistently will result in your child maximizing their learning potential in math and help them succeed on the STAAR test.  I am personally looking forward to seeing the impact this will have on our students’ learning.  Please assist your child in making the most out of this very effective program.  Students will need a scratch sheet of paper and pencil during these homework assignments