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Digital Literacy
Acceptable Use Policy : Lesson Plan PDF
Grade Level: 6 -12


Part I - Introduction

Being a responsible digital citizen involves understanding and abiding by technology rules at school. Northside ISD has established an Acceptable Use Policy which lists rules and guidelines that students are expected to follow. The AUP policy includes consequences for inappropriate use. This lesson will focus on student awareness and understanding of the AUP and student use of personal laptops at school.

Part II - Class/Advisory Activities

•  Videos


Northside ISD AUP Introduction

•  Discussion Questions



Why is it important for a school district to set and enforce an acceptable use policy? What do you think are some of the consequences should be for students not following the rules? Why?

•  Activities


  1. Show the NISD Introduction Video and discuss two or three important policies presented.
  2. Show the AUP PowerPoint, which outlines NISD's Acceptable Use Policy. Lead a discussion with students.
  3. Create a poster that addresses one rule from the Northside ISD AUP. Choose the best posters to post in the classroom.

Part III - Reflection

•  Writing Prompt(s)  

If you were to create an Acceptable Use Policy for your home, what rules would you include?

•  Journal Writing


Write a letter to the Assistant Superintendent of Technology at Northside ISD. Take a side on the AUP. In the letter, state facts about the rules that you feel strongly about, either for or against and what, if anything you would like to be changed and why.

Part IV - Extension Activities

•  Class/Advisory School Activities


View "Ready America's" public service announcements. Create public service announcements to be filmed for campus broadcast.

•  Home Interaction Links  

Talk to your parents about the NISD Acceptable Use Policy. If you plan on bringing a laptop to school, how will you protect your laptop from damage and theft? What should you not be using your laptop at school for?

Part V - Resources

Acceptable Use Policy