Eighth Grade Students Take ReadiStep Test Next Week

College and Career Readiness is a major focus of the Northside Independent School District.  As a tool for helping our students make better choices in high school and to help them understand how college operates as a system and a culture, 8th grade students around the district will be taking the ReadiStep Test.  This assessment which is in its third year in Northside will take place at Connally MS on Tuesday, October 29, 2013.  The assessment will help our students learn which skills he or she needs to work on and what types of classes they may want to focus on in high school.  In addition, the ReadiStep assessment will identify areas where students excel and may help them consider which higher level courses they may want to take. 

The assessment will be administered during class and will consist of three timed multiple choice tests in the areas of Critical Reading, Math and Writing skills.  Students will be given 40 minutes to complete each test.  There is no preparation necessary.  All students will need is their ID number, two soft No.2 pencils and a calculator for the math test. They may bring a calculator from home to use on the assessment.

Counselors will return and discuss individual test results in the spring with the students when the results are returned to campus.  If you would like more information about the ReadiStep Assessment, please visit www.readistep.com.  You will find free publications to help you and your student understand the ReadiStep Assessment as well as advice for reviewing and using the ReadiStep result. If you have any further questions about the test, please feel free to contact the school at 397-1000.