Attendance-Credit Recovery

If your student is enrolled in a class for high school credit (Geometry, Algebra I, or Spanish-any level) your child must meet both an academic standard and state attendance requirement. The attendance requirement states that your child must attend the high school class for a minimum of 90% of the scheduled class time in order to receive credit for the course. A student may not be absent (excused or unexcused) for more than 18 days in order to receive credit for their high school credit courses. 

Absences will be reviewed periodically to ensure students are in compliance with this expectation. Students will have an opportunity to "retrieve" or "make-up" time missed in order to ensure they  meet the attendance requirements for these courses (Geometry, Algebra I, Spanish-any level).

Attendance Recovery will be offered for students who need to make up excessive absences. Attendance Recovery is held before or after school by appointment with the teacher of record for the high school credit course.   The last day to complete attendance recovery will be May 31, 2013.