Fourth Grade


Reading and Language Arts




Useful websites for writing


Writing Detective

OWL (Online Writing Lab) -6 Traits


Punctuation Paintball

Grab Bag

RIF Reading Planet - Sink It ...

Spelling City

Make Believe Comix -

Read, Write, Think - compare and contrast

Grammar Corner

Vocabulary Builders

Monkey Business


Inferencing Sites

Inference Riddles

Inference Battleship

Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions

Drawing Conclusions

Inference Practice - What is an inference?


Author’s Purpose

Author's Purpose Activity

Can you determine author's purpose?

Author's Purpose and Point of View - post test


Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms

Furious Frogs


More Antonyms



Titan Pad


Booktalks Quick and Simple

Poetry Sites



Destination Math


Cool Math

Think Through Math


Tony's Tire Shop

Car Wash

Patty's Paints

Beach Rush

Pizza Pizzazz

Math Models

Color Creations

Dino Disco

Self Correcting Quiz

Times Table Grids

Sum Sense Multiplication

Multiplication Game

Place Value

Place Value - includes a short quiz

Place Value - largest possible number

Place Value Puzzler

Place Value - AAA Math

Shark Pool Place Value

Base Ten Place Value

Addition and Subtraction

Sum Sense - addition

Sum Sense - subtraction


Buying Items - easy, hard, advanced

Exact Change Please

Counting Money

ABCya! Learn to Count Money




Fraction Games

Share Your Cookies - fraction game

Tony Fraction - Can you fill the order with the correct pizza?

Fractions - AAAMath


Polygon Playground

NCTM Illuminations-Tangrams




To the Minute

To 5 Minutes

To 15 Minutes

To 1/2 Hour

Train Times

Bang on Time

Stop the Clock

Analog and Digital Clocks


Kids' Zone: Create a Graph

Just for Fun

Big Brainz

Math for Kids - The exciting math website for kids

Rainforest Math - lots of interactive activities

Math Surf

Math for Kids - The exciting math website for kids

Fun School

Math Playground

Study Jams

Math Resources

Illustrated Math Glossary

A Maths Dictionary for Kids

IXL Learning-Math Practice

Thinking Blocks



NISD Online Database Resources

FEMA for Kids


Science News for Kids

Ology - American Museum of Natural History

Science Bob

Harcourt Science - select your grade level

Kids Know It Network

Yuckiest Site on the Internet

Foss Science

KLRN United Streaming Videos -(please ask teacher for password)

Facts 4 Me

Study Jams


Integrated Unit Websites: Patterns of Change - Coastal Plains: Texas

The Four Major Regions of Texas

Texas Natural History, Geography & Weather

Texas Coastal Natural Resources Inventory Program

Travel the Regions of Texas

Tour Texas

Texas Environmental Profiles

Texas Parks and Wildlife

Gulf Coast

Texas History

The Texas Quiz Show

Integrated Unit Websites: Patterns of Change - Coastal Plains: Native Tribes

Native American Tribes of Texas

Texas Indians Index

Prehistoric Texans


Integrated Unit Websites: Patterns of Change - Coastal Plains: Weather

Weather Street

Dan's Wild Weather Page

Texas Weather


Cloud Classification

The Earth's Atmosphere

The Weather Channel for Kids

Layers of the Earth's Atmosphere

Web Weather for Kids

Severe Weather: Hurricanes

Cloud Types - Weather for Kids

The Disaster Area

Integrated Unit Websites: Patterns of Change - Coastal Plains: Erosion

Gulf and Bay Shoreline Loss

Battline Coastal Erosion

The Texas Shoreline Change Project

Landscape formed by Erosion


The Earth's Atmosphere

StarChild-The Sun

Weather Wiz Kids

Wild, Wild Weather

Voices from the Dust Bowl

Dust Bowl

Children's Life During Dust Bowl

About the Dust Bowl

Impacts of the Dust Bowl

People and Events

Timeline of the Dust Bowl

Dust Bowl Photo


Electric Circuits

Electric Circuits - an interactive e-learning website

A Simple Series Circuit

Electricity - PowerPoints and websites

Energy Kids

Parallel Circuits


Sea Turtle Activities

Ridley Turtles

Life Cycle of Sea Turtle

Sea Animal Word Search

Marine Biodiversity

Marine Mammal Center Kids Only

Disphotic Zone (Twilight zone)

Euphotic Zone (Sunlit)

Oceans Alive

Ocean Zones

Ocean Animals

Fishing for Facts

Clickable Map of World's Oceans (slide 5)

Ocean Zones (slide 7)

Ocean Life Zones

Phytoplankton - Plants of the Sea (slide 10)

Zooplankton (slide 11)

Ocean Animals - Enchanted Learning

Earth's Oceans - Enchanted Learning (slides 3, 5)

The Ocean - Discovery Education

Planet Ocean

Sea and Sky

Layers of the Ocean (slide 6)

Ocean Intereactive Sites - try these for fun!

Fishing for Ocean Facts - take the online quiz

Secrets @ Sea - can you crack the code?

Ocean Water Pressure (slide 8)

Ocean Temperature (slide 8)

Ocean Pollution (slide 13)

Coastline Erosion (slide 13)

Marine Jobs (slide 14)

Ocean Animals - National Geo Kids (slide 15)

The Ocean - Discovery Education


Food Chains

ECO Kids

Food Puzzle Chain

Create your Food Chain - scroll down and click on Create a food web

Food Chain Movie

Fun with Food Webs

Food Chain Games

Food Chains and Food Webs - online quiz

The Marine Food Chain (slide 12)

Ocean Glog Web Link



Soil Treasure Hunt


Science Tools

Triple Beam Balance

Directions for Triple Beam Balance - also includes links to other balances and scales

Animal Adaptations

Animal Adaptations

Animal Adaptation E-Safaris

Camouflage Field Book

Investigate and Report on Animal Adaptations

Bird Beaks-Adaptations

Natural Tools

Bird Adaptations - beaks

Bird Beaks

Create a Bird

Scientific Process

Science Buddies

Social Studies

Miscellaneous Resources

NISD Online Database Resources

Texas Connect Project

Integrated Unit Websites: Patterns of Change: Coastal Plains, Native Tribes, Weather

The Handbook of Texas Online

Go! Social Studies! Go!

Texas Government and U. S. Government

Texas Senate Kids

Senator MadLib

Team Senators - official kids portal for the US Government

Texas History

Signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence

Lone Star Junction - a Texas history resource

Texas History - includes timeline, historical documents and more!


Native Texans

The Indians of Texas

Texas Beyond History

Texas Indians

Native American Tribes of Texas

Lewis and Clark

Memory Match

Lewis and Clark Expedition with National Geographic


Explorer Timeline Thinkquest



Census in Schools


United States

United States at Net States

Scott Foresman - English and Spanish


KLRN United Streaming Videos

Illustrated Scientific Dictionaries

Merriam-Webster Dictionary for Kids

BibMe-Fast & Easy Bibliography Maker

Copyright Info


Just for Fun


BeFunky - turn your photos into digital artwork with one click

Wordle - use this tool to create 'word clouds'



Xtranormal - if you can type you can create movies

World Almanac for Kids

PBS Kids

Information Please Almanac

Bembo's Zoo-watch the alphabet change

ELVIS Project Videos