Peggy Carnahan has devoted her career to the teaching of science and the teaching of science teachers. A former science teacher at Jay High School and secondary science supervisor for the District, Carnahan served Northside for more than 20 years.

Her contributions to the District continue today, through her work at Our Lady of the Lake University, where, as the director of the Center for Science and Mathematics Education, she helps science teachers obtain tuition-free master's degrees.

Carnahan has received numerous teaching awards and is recognized across the state and the nation as an innovative leader of science education.

Mission Statement

Our Carnahan community will be the compass to guide all students on their journey towards being successful in all areas of life. We will focus on the education of the whole child in a family friendly environment. We will build an academic foundation through dynamic learning experiences that meet the individual needs of our students. Students will become risk takers and creative thinkers. Individual greatness is our expectation and not the exception.

Vision Statement

Our Carnahan community believes all students will be successful. Through community and school partnership, we will build a fun, interactive learning environment where all students can learn.

We will promote a positive, respectful school climate that celebrates individual differences to build a community of life long learners. Using formal and informal assessments, we will monitor student progress towards reaching state, district, and campus expectations. We will value the input of our educational partners and foster a safe, welcoming atmosphere where decisions are made on students' best interests. Students, staff, and community will treat each other with dignity and acceptance to encourage a positive environment. Through the use of effective teaching practices, differentiated instruction, character education, and a multitude of resources, Carnahan will produce students who exceed expectations and achieve success by taking the lead in their own academic and social lives.

Mascot & Colors

Carnahan's mascot is the Cardinal. Our colors are red and black.