About BCHS

Northside Independent School District and the business community combined their resources in 1991 to create the innovative Business Careers High School. This magnet school is a "school within a school" located on the beautiful campus of Oliver Wendell Holmes High School in San Antonio, Texas. BCHS offers an enriched and focused curriculum to prepare students to succeed in business and related fields.

Every year approximately two hundred freshmen are accepted to enter our comprehensive four-year program. The current student enrollment is almost 700. Qualified students completing the eighth grade in any Bexar county middle school may apply for admission.


Students always come first!

Our mission is to create a safe, nurturing environment that encourages each student -- through group and one-on-one activities -- to strive for personal excellence and growth. Using our corporate partners as guest speakers, mentors, and role models we will provide our students a unique, real-world learning opportunity to interact with business professionals. Our faculty and staff, with the assistance of parents and corporate partners, will ensure that our graduates are up-to-date and can function, contribute, and compete as responsible citizen-leaders in our ever-changing world community.


Within the next five years to focus all of our mental, financial, and physical resources on becoming the preeminent Business destination high school in texas. We will use the small learning community as our model and apply it in five major learning areas:

The Academy of Finance
Corporate Mentoring

We will teach all of our students the knowledge and skills required for success in college, the work place, and life.


  • that every individual has value and deserves respect.
  • that each person has unique gifts and represents our country's most valuable resource.
  • that all stakeholders share responsibility for continuous improvement as demonstrated by the excellence of students and attainment of their goals.


  • to act as a cohesive community that allows for all stakeholders to work collaboratively with respect for each member in a dynamic, changing, and culturally diverse system.
  • to support, encourage and empower each individual through ongoing systemic communication and to strive towards personal mastery in reaching his or her highest potential.
  • to educate students through a relevant and diverse curriculum so that all individuals will be included, engaged, and enthusiastic and will gain satisfaction from accomplishing their goals.
  • to challenge students through the use of technology and a variety of different learning experiences.
  • to utilize mentoring and partnership relationships.
  • to help create accomplished individuals who will ultimately contribute to the future success and sustainability of our country as a democratic society.

We believe that the "classroom" extends far beyond the school campus into learning habitats that offer a collective intelligence, which is much greater than the sum of its individual parts. To foster this belief, we commit to work diligently toward upholding quality education in our school as well as in the community. It is through the recognition of these interconnected relationships that our learning organization will continually adapt and flourish.