Poetry Comes Alive in the Boone Library!

Boone Librarian, Diane McAdams, put together some fantastic poetry centers for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders as part of their preparation for the STAAR Reading test. Poetry Stations in the Library were piloted by three NISD elementary librarians (Jennifer Eckert at Leon Springs Elementary, Elida Madrigal at Michael Elementary, and Zinnia Bayardo at Henderson Elementary).   

The stations included:

Nothing More Than Feelings – Students read poems and tried to match emoticons to the emotion the poem was portraying.

Literary Devices Game – Students read poems or excerpts of poems and matched the literary device to them (metaphor, simile, etc.). 

Rhythmic Poetry- Students listened to readings of lyrical poetry and used popsicle sticks or mallets to tap the rhythms they heard, then responded to questions. 

Humorous Poetry - Students chose a humorous poem from a variety of poems.  Students were asked to illustrate the poem and describe why it was humorous.

Express Yourself! - Students created art projects inspired by poems.

Name That Poem Station (computer)- Students used Smart Notebook software for this station which had two different versions.  One version had students trying to guess the title of a poem.  The other version has students trying to guess the type of poem. 

Narrative Poetry Station (computer)- Students worked with a partner taking turns reading a chosen narrative poem. Each poem was color-coded for two readers.