Faculty & Staff Contact Info

Link to Webpage Title Phone# Email Link
Carol Borcherding Principal 397-1450 Email Carol Borcherding
Marty Ortega Vice Principal 397-1450 Email Marty Ortega
Robert Covington Admin. Intern 397-1450 Email Robert Covington
Mary Benavidez Counselor 397-1469 Email Mary Benavidez
Yvette Solis Counselor 397-1475 Email Yvette Solis
Linda Nees Principal's Secretary 397-1450 Email Linda Nees
Laura Stiles Attendance Secretary 397-1450 Email Laura Stiles
Lisa Malesich School Nurse 397-1459 Email Lisa Malesich
Kimberly Salas Learning Tree 397-1491 Email Kimberly Salas
To call teachers, dial 397-1490 and then enter their extension.
Deborah Gershman Pre-Kinder ext. 3178 Email Deborah Gershman
JoAnn Campbell Kinder ext. 3188 Email Jo Ann Campbell
Joely Constancio Kinder ext. 3186 Email Joely Contancio
Misty Gann Kinder ext. 3191 Email Misty Gann
Shannon Jensen Kinder ext. 3187 Email Shannon Jensen
Mary Lovejoy Kinder ext. 3192 Email Mary Lovejoy
Tricia Jacob First Grade ext. 3141 Email Tricia Jacob
Elaine Mencio First Grade ext. 3138 Email Elaine Mencio
Noelia Mitchell First Grade ext. 3140 Email Noelia Mitchell
Tammy Pickens First Grade ext. 3144 Email Tammy Pickens
Ruby Salazar First Grade ext. 3146 Email Ruby Salazar
Amanda Scherwitz First Grade ext. 3139 Email Amanda Scherwitz
Rosemary Cardenas Second Grade ext. 3127 Email Rosemary Cardenas
Kim Carrell Second Grade ext. 3129 Email Kim Carrell
Monica Sosa Second Grade ext. 3124 Email Monica Sosa
Richard Whalen Second Grade ext. 3125 Email Richard Whalen
Kathy Abrego Third Grade ext. 3174 Email Kathy Abrego
Ingrid Gonzalez Third Grade ext. 3170 Email Ingrid Gonzalez
Kelsey Hall Third Grade ext. 3172 Email Kelsey Hall
Andra Haney Third Grade ext. 3179 Email Andra Haney
Jamie Menjares Third Grade ext. 3173 Email Jamie Menjares
Sandra Elling Fourth Grade ext. 3103 Email Sandra Elling
Cheryle Gomez Fourth Grade ext. 3111 Email Cheryle Gomez
Melissa Kern Fourth Grade ext. 3104 Email Melissa Kern
Andrea Locati-Beck Fourth Grade ext. 3105 Email Andrea Locati-Beck
Erika Zieglar Fourth Grade ext. 3102 Email Erika Zieglar
Staci Clark Fifth Grade ext. 3161 Email Staci Clark
Shannon Kesselring Fifth Grade ext. 3121 Email Shannon Kesselring
Felisha Martin Fifth Grade ext. 3114 Email Felisha Martin
Molly O'Regan Fifth Grade ext. 3113 Email Molly ORegan
Veronica Salazar Fifth Grade ext. 3116 Email Veronica Salazar
Julie Sherrill Sp. Ed. Coor. 397-1471 Email Julie Sherrill
Lauren Muli ALE ext. 3178 Email Lauren Tunacao
Charlotte Forrest AU ext. 3131 Email Charlotte.Forrest
Martha Nixon PPCD 397-1470 Email Martha Nixon
Shelly Smith PPCD/Head Start 3185 or 3186 Email Shelly Smith
Ruby Shaffer BMC ext. 3148 Email Ruby Shaffer
Marta Somohano Speech 397-1472 Email Marta Somohano
Vanessa Castillo-Smith Speech 397-1473 Email Vanessa Castillo-Smith
Martha Hazlett Collaborative 397-1471 Email Martha Hazlett
Chris Proa Collaborative 397-1471 Email Chris Proa
Cristina Gonzalez Collaborative 397-1471 Email Cristina Gonzalez
Machelle Cochran Collaborative 397-1471 Email Machelle Cochran-DeStefano
Robin Hudson LSSP 397-9010 Email Robin Hudson
Diane McAdams Librarian 397-1483 Email Diane McAdams
Monique Brown Reading Specialist ext. 3112 Email Monique Brown
Carmen Cervantes Reading Specialist ext. 3112 Email Carmen Cervantes
Jane Allen Music ext. 3155 Email Jane Allen
Vicente Mercado P.E. 397-1467 Email Vicente Mercado
Gail Tabor Art ext. 3171 Email Gail Tabor
Judy McMillan CIT 397-1468 Email Judy McMillan
Ursula Miller Math Specialist ext.3156 Email Ursula Miller
Kerry Keller GT ext. 3163 Email Kerry Keller