Box Tops for Education

Support Boone Elementary by collecting box tops for education.  Our school receives 10 cents for each box top collected.  For more information, Click Here.

September News

We raised $931.20 in Box Tops for the month of September! Way to go Box Tops Super Heroes!
Super Heroes classes who made it to the 1st level  with 250 or more Box Tops are:
Captain Campbell (K), Jumping Jensen (K), Great Gann (K), Zooming Zapata (1), Jammin' Jacob (1), Powerful Pickens (1), Wonder Whalen (2), Courageous Cardenas (2), Mighty Menjares (3), Hero Haney (4), Electrifying Elling (4) and Outstanding O'Regan (5)
On the 2nd level with 500 Box Tops or more
Super Scherwitz (2)
On the 3rd level with 750 Box Tops or more
Super Salazar (1)
And on the 4th level with 1,000 Box Tops or more
Nova Nolan (3)
Nova Nolan's class also won the traveling trophy for September with 1,090 Box Tops!
That is over $100 for Boone! Each class that brings in 250 or more Box Tops will receive a class prize pack. Thank you for all your support with the Box Top Program at Boone!