Board Goals

Curriculum and Instruction

  • Begin the implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the Strategic Plan for 2013-2018.
  • Narrow the achievement gap on STAAR between phase-in performance standards and recommended performance standards.
  • Improve the achievement of special education students at all levels by ensuring appropriate instructional arrangements.
  • Improve the performance of English Language Learners by focusing on effective instructional strategies.
  • Continue to explore options for online course offerings.
  • Improve the quality of instruction and assessment in all advanced level courses to increase the percent of students scoring 3 or above on AP exams and scoring at criterion level on SAT and ACT tests.
  • Ensure that dual credit opportunities exist for students at all NISD high schools.
  • Enhance Construction Careers Academy curriculum to allow for 2+2 partnerships with community colleges and four-year universities.


  • Continue focus on improving four-year graduation rates.
  • Investigate technologies and resources that will enhance safety for students and staff.

Business and Finance

  • Make fiscally sound decisions that support student achievement, provide for a safe learning environment, and maintain a strong financial position.
  • Maintain a budget forecast that provides for a sustainable budget strategy and a plan for financial stability.
  • Monitor the impact on the I&S tax rate by minimizing the cost of borrowing, maximizing available resources, and taking advantage of financial market opportunities.

Human Resources

  • Recruit, retain, reward, and recognize quality employees for all campuses and departments.
  • Continue the implementation of a plan for minority recruiting, hiring and career progression.


  • Make the community and employees aware of the issues and challenges that NISD faces as well as NISD's successes through traditional and social media.
  • Promote the value of public education both within Northside ISD and in the community at large.

Technology Services

  • Implement new Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) system which will allow distribution of live or pre-recorded TV and video/audio over the existing data network and provide unlimited video broadcast distribution to every network connected TV/PC (Bond 2010 Project).
  • Implement Google Apps for Education Suite for students which will provide students and teachers improved ways to collaborate.
  • Commence data center relocation to the Kelly Smith Technology Center.

Facilities and Operations

  • Provide regular updates on bond progress to the community (parents, taxpayers, voters, residents) and employees.
  • Continue planning and/or construction for remaining schools from the 2010 bond program utiliizing CHPS (Collaborative for High Performance Schools) green-building program.
  • Continue planning and construction on 2010 Bond identified projects including but not limited to Joe Bernal Middle School, Bonnie Ellison Elementary School, Red Bird Ranch Elementary School, ADA/window replacements, Tennis Center(s), and various infrastructure improvement/upgrades..
  • Continue planning for the next bond program proposal.