Notes From The Library

Aue Readers have been doing a great job earning their dog tags for the Aue Reading Program.  Remember, in order to come to the Mid-Year celebration in January, you have to have earned at least 5 dog tags, or for Kinder have colored 5 blocks by January 10, 2014.  To help students achieve their goals, the library allows parents to check out up to 5 books on a regular basis.  Over the upcoming winter break, parents are allowed to check out up to 10 library books.  Our library is open during the school days from 8:00 AM-3:15 PM.  Come check us out!

Don't forget to clip your Box Tops for Education!  Christmas is just around the corner and many of the items that you cook with over the holidays have Box Tops.  Our next collection will be in January. 

Our Scholastic Book Fair was a great success, as well as our All For Books Donation Drive.  We collected almost $800 in donations prior to the book fair.  Those donations were used to purchase books from the book fair to send to our sister school, Jerry Allen Elementary.  Every student at Jerry Allen will be given a new or gently used book that has been purchased or donated by our Aue students.  Thank you, students, for giving the gift of reading this Christmas.  Thank you to everyone who helped out and or made purchases at the book fair.