Early Release Days

There are five Early Release Days this school year. Those dates are 9/20/13,11/1/13,2/7/14, 3/22/14, and 5/9/14. Students are dismissed at 11:45 AM.  The school will provide aftercare for students until 2:45 PM. The buses will come to school for the 11:45 AM dismissal, and will not return at 2:45 PM. It is the parent’s responsibility to pick up his/ her child by 2:45 PM. PPCD has a different schedule which the teachers will share with you. Students will also be fed lunch prior to dismissal .

For each Early Dismissal Day, you will receive a dismissal instruction sheet. This is how you will you let us know how your child will be going home that day.

Our first Early Release Day is Friday, Sept. 20, 2013.